Filling the Christ shaped hole in the heart of England

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Ecumenical Statement of Welcome



Many thanks for visiting our Website, I hope you find it both useful and interesting.

As a benefice in the Church of England, we are custodians of a rich heritage in terms of both architectural merit and more importantly in terms of faith, which are we called upon to share with as many people as possible. Our Website, we hope is one way of doing that.

From the comfort of your own home you can explore 800 years of English heritage by taking a virtual tour of our churches and 2000 years of Christian heritage by exploring our faith through our beliefs and festivals.

If you find yourself in ‘deepest darkest' Northamptonshire, please do call by in person, we would be delighted to see you! And likewise if after visiting this site you have any comments or would like to contact us , please do so , the benefice e-mail address is:

With love and prayers

Fr. John