Filling the Christ shaped hole in the heart of England

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The Feast of the Transfiguration

Celebrated on 6th August the Transfiguration is the Remembrance of Jesus being transformed with brilliant lights and meeting Moses and Elijah on the top on a mountain.

As such it fulfills the prophetcy and expectation that these two great leaders would return, and through these figure(Elijah representing the prophets and Moses the Law) symbolicially it descibed how the spirit of both Jewish Law and the prophets point to the person of Jesus Christ, 'The Word Incarnate' as the messiah.

Through it a glimpse is also made of the pinnacle of achievement that human beings can be, so there is also a certain irony that the 6th August is also an anniversary of one of the darkest days in human acheivement, the dropping of the first atomic bomb!

Traditionally the priest wears white or gold vestments on this day.