Filling the Christ shaped hole in the heart of England

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INTRODUCTIONS FOR READERS: Fifth Sunday of Easter 6th May ‘07

Acts 11:1-18
Peter has been instrumental in the conversion of a Gentile to Christianity. Cornelius, an officer in the Roman army, has received the Holy Spirit and has been baptised - as have members of his household. Peter has now returned to Judea where members of the Christian community who are of Jewish origin seek an explanation as to why Gentiles have become Christians.

Revelation 21:1-6
The book of Revelation is "the revelation of Christ" made through John. It is prophecy which reveals secrets of heaven and earth. In a vision, John has seen the destruction of the old city, and of the old heaven and earth. Now he sees the new creation, of divine origin and free of evil forces - for ultimately God's love will prevail.

John 13:31-35
Jesus is preparing his followers for his departure. After the Last Supper, he has washed the feet of his disciples, a symbol of servanthood. He has predicted his betrayal. Judas Iscariot has gone out into the night - a symbol of the dark deed he is about to commit.

We have been asked to remember in our prayers: Avril Baldwin, Pat Beatie, Gwen Blackburn, Linda Hall, Esther Humphreys, Philip Le Roux, Jack Masters, Monica Rodhouse, Muriel Rogers, Jean Sommerton, Maxine Sweeting and Hilda Witt. Helen Benson and Joan Mold (RIP).

Next week, Rogation Sunday, we will be holding our customary “walking the bounds” service. This will begin at 10.00 am with a short service in each of the parish churches and will be followed by a walk to Maidford, where we will all meet together for the second part of the service.

Please join us at the service at 10.30 am in Blakesley on 20th May as we will be joined by Bishop Frank for a service of dedication following the recent work carried out to renew the pew bases, provide a servery area and install a gate lantern.

13/05 Rogation Sunday Walk and Service
17/05 School’s Ascension Day Service - 2.00 pm
at Blakesley
17/05 Ascension Day Service - 7.30 pm
at Maidford
20/05 Service of Dedication attended by
Bishop Frank – 10.30 am at Blakesley
27/05 Benefice Pentecost Service – 6.00 pm
At Farthingstone