Filling the Christ shaped hole in the heart of England

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Holy Week is probably the most sacred week in the Christian year, commemorating the events of the final week in the life of Jesus Christ. It contains within it Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and culminates in Easter Sunday.


Palm Sunday (1st April)
9.00 am Matins - Maidford
9.15 am Holy Communion - Adstone
10.30 am Family Service - Blakesley
10.30 am Matins - Litchborough

Holy Monday
7.30 pm Compline - Adstone

Holy Tuesday
7.30 pm Shared Supper - Blakesley

Holy Wednesday
7.30 pm Compline - Farthingstone

Maundy Thursday
7.30 pm Stripping of the Altars - Blakesley

Good Friday
10.00 am Matins and Litany - Adstone
10.30 am Children's Crafts - Blakesley
2.00 pm Reflection Time - Litchborough
7.00 pm Cantata for Good Friday - Maidford