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St Mary

St Mary, or the Blessed Virgin Mary as some churches call her, is the Mother of Jesus. She is celebrated and honoured as she had the courage to accept God's call to be the earthly mother of the ‘word incarnate', ie Jesus. Despite not being married and infact still being a virgin and probably only aged in her early teens. The colour blue is often associated with her in art. Some church traditions hold that she remained a virgin for ever, and became the Queen of Heaven, others shy away from such teaching fearing that it detracts from the uniqueness of Jesus.

The feast dates associated with her are the 6th September, the day traditionally associated with her birthday, and the 15th August, the date her body was assumed into heaven. Both these dates are traditional and have no biblical foundation.

St Mary is the patron of both Blakesley and Farthingstone Churches. And so in some ways these dates are the churches' ‘birthday'.

The priest traditionally wears white vestments (or in some cases pink vestments) on these date.